Saturday, September 10, 2016

How This Works

Here is the new "Key" to the blog reviews I'm posting now:

Title and author (obvious)

The story: I'll give a quick summary here.  I'll try to avoid spoilers, to the best of my ability.

The Good: the first things that occur to me that were particularly enjoyable or edifying. 

The Bad: This does not mean I think the book is bad.  This is just here for warnings about things that might be upsetting to some.  Think of it as where I post "trigger warnings."  

The Thoughts: Think: food for thought.  This is where I brain-dump the things that most stood out to me in the book.

Favorite stuff: if there is a fun new word or a great quote or something, I will put it here. 

Amazon affiliate link: if you want to check the book out for yourself, I make it easy!  Also, if you use my links, I get a tiny kick back with no cost to you!  Win-win, amiright?


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